TMJ & Orofacial Pain Treatments

Our dentist, Dr. Ryan Stenvall, can create custom appliances designed to help you find relief from TMJ pain and similar issues. Stop waking up with discomfort and start enjoying life again! Call Blue Ridge Dentistry of Simpsonville at 864-963-7237 to learn more about TMJ and orofacial pain treatments in Simpsonville, South Carolina, today.

Dr. Stenvall specializes in treating orofacial pain and TMJ. Problems with your jaw can lead to clicking and popping in the temporomandibular joints (connecting the jaw to the skill), muscle pain, and headaches. If you are experiencing these symptoms, Dr. Stenvall will examine your jaw, make a diagnosis, and provide you with a treatment plan. Treatments include pain medication, mouth guards and physical therapy. In severe cases that do not respond to these treatments, surgery may be necessary.

What is TMJ?

Locked Jaw