Intraoral Cameras

There is a not a great deal of space in your mouth, and there are some places that in the past have just been hard to access or view. In order to get a comprehensive view of your smile, including those hard-to-reach areas, our dentist, Dr. Ryan Stenvall, can use an intraoral camera in Simpsonville, South Carolina, as part of the examination and diagnostic process.

An intraoral camera is small and pen-shaped so it can comfortably reach all parts of your mouth. It delivers high-quality images to a screen in our exam room, where you and Dr. Stenvall can see the condition of your mouth and teeth. Those images are in digital form and can be easily stored and shared with other dental or medical professionals, or even your insurance company if necessary. Because of its size, the intraoral camera is perfect for seeing parts of your smile that cannot be seen well with the unaided eye. It can be used to detect tooth decay, chips, cracks and periodontal disease.

Intraoral cameras are just one type of tool our team can use to improve your quality of care and enhance the comfort of your dental visit. To learn more, call Blue Ridge Dentistry of Simpsonville at 864-963-7237 today and schedule your appointment.