Digital X-Rays

A common diagnostic tool that Dr. Ryan Stenvall uses at Blue Ridge Dentistry of Simpsonville is digital radiography or digital X-rays. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital radiography is more comfortable for you and is safer since digital X-rays use significantly less radiation. Digital X-rays are easier on the environment since they do not require chemicals to develop. A digital sensor takes the images of your teeth, and they are instantly ready for Dr. Stenvall to view. The images are very high quality and are extremely valuable in making a diagnosis and designing your personalized treatment plan. In digital form, the X-rays are easy to share with a specialist, if necessary. Digital X-rays can be used to:

  • Track changes in your teeth and mouth over time
  • Detect a loss of mass in your jawbone
  • Locate cysts and abscesses
  • Look for damage to fillings
  • Check for infections
  • Locate decay between your teeth
  • Detect developmental issues in your smile

Our dentist may use digital X-rays to plan root canals, the use of clear aligners and other types of treatment. If you would like to learn more about how we can improve your dental visit and your smile with digital X-rays in Simpsonville, South Carolina, call 864-963-7237 today to plan your visit with Dr. Stenvall.